Training Video for Veterans Court Mentors:

Veterans Mentor Programs are a distinctive feature of Veterans Treatment Courts. These programs were created to provide community support for Veterans as they learn to readjust to civilian life and reintegrate back into their communities.

Mentors play an integral role in the Veterans Treatment Court program. The mentor provides the Veteran mentee with an active, supportive relationship and serves as a positive role model. Mentors are essential in assisting the Veteran mentee in navigating through the Veterans Health Administration, the court system, local veterans groups, and community support organizations.

This training video gives an overall view as to what is expected of a Peer Mentor. Upon completion of this training, the prospective Mentor can print a certificate of completion and present the certificate to their local Veterans Treatment Court. Each court will provide additional training specific to their needs.

This training video was developed by members of the Ohio Attorney General’s Task Force on Criminal Justice & Mental Illness, co-chaired by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and retired Supreme Court of Ohio Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton.