While a justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio, Stratton joined forces to found Resurrecting Lives Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the issue of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in returning veterans. Dr. Chrisanne Gordon and Stratton, now on the Advisory Board, continue to collaborate on “issues of TBI and justice-involved veterans”.

 The Mission

Our mission is narrow and deep. We will assist in the recovery/reintegration of our OIF/OEF Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) by defining the brain pathology and by developing the protocols for recovery. We will advocate for our returning heroes and their families while educating the public about the co-morbidities associated with a traumatic brain injury. TBI is the signature wound for these wars. However, all active military members and U.S. veterans who have sustained a brain injury during service can take advantage of our services.

The Vision

To create a national and international movement raising awareness and funding for research, treatment, advocacy and education of Traumatic Brain Injury in service personnel and Veterans. We are an “organizing force” for collaboration between the military, Veterans Administration, and civilian worlds to promote health care, employment, and education for America’s returning heroes.