Ohio Wounded Warrior Facebook Site

Ohio Wounded Warrior Facebook Site. Mission: Assist Marines and other Veterans who are Wounded Ill or Injured transition from an Active or Reserve status into the civilian sector.

Welcome to The Ohio Valley’s Local Veterans Resource Ohio Valley

The Ohio Valleys’ Source for Local Veterans Information

Throughout this site, you will find a variety of local information designed to help veterans and their families connect, navigate and locate information and services available in our community.

The Ohio Valley has an extensive network of organizations trained and willing to help, from filing a disability claim with the VA to finding what’s happening on the weekend, we hope you’ll find it here.

If you have suggestions or a question, contact us at or by phone at (740) 317-8646.   We help the Ohio Valley Veterans and their families connect.



The Veterans Courts and Military Affairs subcommittee seeks to assist the justice system in dealing with the civil and criminal justice needs of military and veterans, with an emphasis on the physical and emotional causes that led to involvement in the criminal justice system.


  1. Judge Taryn Heath, Stark County Common Pleas Court,
  2. Summer A. Moses, Representing Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office,

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