The Office of Mike DeWine Ohio Attorney General and the Vietnam Veterans of America Buckeye State Council recently sponsored a one-day event Defending Veterans in the Criminal Justice System.

The agenda featured two expert keynote speakers, Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, Supreme Court of Ohio (retired), and panel discussions with judges who run veterans treatment courts in Ohio, a VA VJO coordinator and defense attorneys who practice in those courts.

These presentations and discussions produced a wealth of practical information about veterans treatment courts, as the participants rolled up their sleeves and said this is what works and what doesn’t work, when you are defending a veteran in court.

Two keynote expert speakers succeeded in bringing into our conference room the reality of what it like for a veteran to come home and live with PTSD and/or TBI, and the reality of today’s barbaric hand-to-hand warfare, which is shown to the American public in a sanitized version by the media. Pretty scary stuff.

We were able to capture the information on video and are now able to share it with you and everyone who works within a veterans treatment court environment.

Video #1: Introduction and the Role of a Veterans Judicial Outreach Specialist by Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, Supreme Court of Ohio (Retired):

Video #2: Keynote Speaker COL. Kathy Platoni: PTSD 101 and Surviving the Ft. Hood Massacre

Video #3: Keynote Speaker Defense Attorney, and Veteran Brock Hunter – The Echoes of War Brock Hunter is also the lead author of The Attorney’s Guide to Defending Veterans in Criminal Court.

Video #4: Judge’s Panel: Practicing Before Veterans Treatment Courts in Ohio

Video #5: The Practice of Defending Veterans and Service Members

Video Playlist (All 5 videos):

Thank you all also for the work you do for our military and veterans,
Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton, Retired

Evelyn Lundberg Stratton
EStratton Consulting, LLC