Ohio Veteran Brian Niswander Builds Two New Websites Help Veterans Transition and To Have Better Interview Skills 
The primary goal of this effort is to develop actionable “transition intelligence” for service members. Secondary object is to make recommended changes to improve or fill gaps in existing DoD transition programs. I plan to collect responses from 100K veterans in the coming months using an anonymous survey which allows the creation of a transition knowledge-base. This approach allows service members to filter and view the information based upon their specific branch, rank, years of service, military specialty and education to understand the types of work that other veterans with their background/skills/experience perform in the civilian workplace, lessons learned during transition, challenges, and much more. A similar knowledgebase for transitioning veterans doesn’t existing and the depth of information (quantitative and qualitative) being gathered will make a significant impact on future transitions. 
This one is self-explanatory and I develop & deliver content regarding the job search process and interview preparation on the website and interactive workshops. The link above is for the materials page where articles, checklists, newsletters and e-Book are available. Popular items include Tips for Transitioning Veterans, Career Fair Prep Checklist, What to do After a Career Fair…..and many others. I transitioned from active duty 19 years ago and use this forum to share my experiences as a hiring manager (and candidate) in public and private organizations to include the Fortune 500.


Vets101 offers free career planning tools and information services for veterans, their families, and their circles of support.

Veterans in need of clear information about benefits report frustration with a complex system. Vets101 tools help vets navigate the maze of information when making financial and career decisions.

The Vets101 Veterans Benefits Navigator asks veterans to fill out a short, anonymous survey and then provides a prioritized list of the top benefit programs that the veteran should explore first, based on the individual’s survey responses. The list of priority programs links to Vets101 articles about each recommended benefit program. If a benefit program has an online application, Vets101 links directly to it.

Misinformation about benefits and work can be a significant barrier to employment for veterans with disabilities. The Veterans Benefits and Work Calculator is designed to educate and inform veterans by providing clear and reliable information. Designed by professional veterans benefits experts and experienced technologists, the calculator helps veterans, service providers, and others to get credible estimates of the effects of employment on individual benefits and health coverage, including Veterans Compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. The calculator’s results section maps out future changes to benefits based on details about the user’s new job offer or self- employment plan.

Vets101 also features employment-focused articles written in plain language covering over 100 veterans programs. The more the user interacts with Vets101 tools and calculators, the more customized the offering of articles becomes for each user.

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