RecoveryOhio plan ‘will literally save lives,’ advocate says

Editor’s note: Ohio Supreme Court Justice (ret.) Evelyn Lundberg Stratton was appointed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to be one of his advisers on the RecoveryOhio Advisory Council.

By Catherine Candisky 
The Columbus Dispatch 
Posted Mar 14, 2019

Gov. Mike DeWine said his budget plan will call for more services for Ohioans with mental health and substance abuse issues, addressing what he sees as “the state’s public health crisis.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine

“We have to focus a lot on prevention and we’re making a serious effort in this budget to deal with prevention. You got to look at short-term, short-term is more money for crisis situations.

“It’s the biggest complaint we get as we travel around the state is the people who have a health crisis, people who have an addiction crisis, they need help now, and so putting more resources in diagnosing the problem, getting them initial help, you’ll see that in our budget. You’ll also see a significant amount of money in prevention, starting in kindergarten,” DeWine said.

The governor’s remarks came at a press conference Thursday to release a report from his RecoveryOhio Advisory Group, which includes 75 recommendations for addressing such issues as stigma, prevention, treatment and support services, and law enforcement. However, the recommendations did not come with a price tag.

“About 13 Ohioans die each day from unintentional drug overdoses; approximately five people tragically each day take their own lives,” DeWine said.

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