“Too Ill To Execute”- A Nationwide Film Documentary Featuring Retired Ohio Justice Stratton and Others

“Too Ill To Execute” is a Nationwide Film Documentary Featuring Retired Justice Stratton and others who believe it’s time to stop executing people with severe mental Illness.


The Tennessee Alliance for the Severe Mental Illness Exclusion (TASMIE), in conjunction with its national partners, has produced an in-depth film detailing the urgency of a movement to exclude those with severe mental illness from the death penalty in states across the U.S. The film features the stories of persons directly affected by mental illness and the death penalty, medical and legal experts, as well as Tennessee State Senator Richard Briggs, sponsor of Tennessee’s legislation.

There are three versions of the film–this is the “longest 32 minute version”:

The complete 32-minute version includes an in-depth telling of William Morva’s story, with commentary from Rachel Sutphin (daughter of one of the murder victims) and Maria MacBain (long-time friend of William Morva).

The film includes expert commentary from Justice Evelyn Stratton (former Ohio Supreme Court Justice), Dr. Richard Briggs (Tennessee Republican State Senator, surgeon), David Singleton (capital defense attorney), Dr. Megan Testa (psychiatrist), and Anthony Fox (Mental Health consumer advocate).


The shorter 21-minute version includes a shorter version of the Morva story, plus most of the expert commentary that is in the complete version. The shortest 12-minute version includes most of the expert commentary that is in the complete version. This version does not delve into the Morva story.