COL. Kathy Platoni: PTSD 101 & Surviving the Ft. Hood Massacre

Ohio Military Reserves Colonel Dr. Kathy Platoni defines PTSD from her perspective as a retired U.S. Army Colonel; a Psy.D., DAAPM, FAIS; a clinical psychologist; and as a survivor of the Ft. Hood massacre.

Dr. Platoni is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay and Afghanistan)

She is co-author and editor of two books: War Trauma and Its Wake ~ Expanding the Circle of Healing (Scurfield and Platoni, 2012); and Healing War Trauma ~ A Handbook of Creative Approaches (Scurfield and Platoni, 2013)

Dr. Platoni is a nationally recognized PTSD expert and a national speaker.



The Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine held a one-day conference in December 2015, Defending Veterans in the Criminal Justice System.

This is the second of five videos from the conference:

  1. Introduction & VJO discussion by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton (Retired) and Vietnam Veterans of America, Buckeye State Council President Cliff Riley;
  2. COL. Kathy Platoni: PTSD 101 & Surviving the Ft. Hood Massacre;
  3. The Echos of War by Brockton Hunter;
  4. Practicing Before the Veterans Treatment Courts of Ohio; and
  5. The Practice of Defending Veterans and Service Members.