2016 Elizabeth Dole Fellows Program Application


Editor’s Note: We have been honored by one of our readers, Emery Popolski, who is also an Elizabeth Dole Foundation 2014 Fellow for Massachusetts, who asked retired Justice Stratton to help share information about the 2016 Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellows Program and to provide a link to the 2016 Elizabeth Dole Fellows Application.

Link to 2016 Elizabeth Dole Fellows Program Application: http://svy.mk/1KcZ6rW

About the Elizabeth Dole Fellows Program:

Senator Dole was inspired to launch the Elizabeth Dole Fellows Program as the heart of the Foundation’s work after hearing from hundreds of caregivers across the country that they were not being given an opportunity to voice their challenges and needs.

The mission of the Elizabeth Dole Fellows Program is to engage active military and veteran caregivers directly in the Foundation’s initiatives, allowing them an opportunity to advise our programs and play a leading role in raising awareness for the needs of caregivers throughout the nation.

The Foundation selected an initial class of 20 military and veteran caregivers in 2012. Now in its third year, the Fellows Program now includes a diverse set of caregivers from all fifty states and Puerto Rico who are tending to the multiple injuries and illnesses—physical and emotional—that affect America’s wounded warriors.

Elizabeth Dole Fellows’ support of the Foundation includes:

  • Serving as ambassadors for the the Foundation and the caregiving cause through attending meetings, events, and media appearances with the Dole Foundation and, on occasion, Dole Foundation partners to represent and advocate for resources on behalf of military and veteran family caregivers
  • Serving as advocates for the Foundation and participating in online/social media to encourage and empower other caregivers to share their own stories
  • Advising the Foundation on how to connect with our nation’s caregivers, and share information about the Foundation with their own networks to engage countless more caregivers and strengthen relationships within the military and veteran caregiver community
  • Participating in Foundation events in Washington, D.C. or on behalf of the Foundation at events in their own communities
  • Assisting in selecting grantees for the Foundation’s annual Innovation Grants Program
  • Serving as lead participants in the Foundation’s efforts to lay the groundwork for a national response to caregivers’ challenges following the completion and announcement of The Elizabeth Dole RAND study

The Elizabeth Dole Fellows Program is possible with the generous support of individuals, corporations, foundations and partners.

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation website   www.elizabethdolefoundation.org