VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans May 2015

The Advisory Committee on Women Veterans (ACWV) was established and chartered in November 1983 by Public Law 98-160.

The Advisory Committee on Women Veterans assesses the needs of women Veterans, with respect to VA programs such as compensation, rehabilitation, outreach, healthcare, etc.

The Committee reviews VA’s programs, activities, research projects and other initiatives designed to meet the needs of women Veterans; and makes recommendations to the Secretary on ways to improve, modify, and affect change in programs and services for women Veterans and follows up on all those recommendations.


  • Shirley Ann Quarles (Current Chair), Atlanta, GA.  A retired Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve, Nurse Corps.  Business owner of a strategic leadership development consulting firm.
  • Sherri Brown, Alexandria, VA.  A retired Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Reserves; currently serves as senior vice president for service to the armed forces for the American Red Cross.
  • Tia Christopher, Sacramento, CA.  A Navy Veteran; currently serves as chief of staff for the Farmer Veteran Coalition.
  • Octavia Harris, El Cajon, CA.  A retired Command Master Chief, U.S. Navy; currently serves as a program manager of the Comprehensive Advanced Restorative Effort (CARE), at the San Diego Naval Medical Center.
  • Louisa Long Jaffe, Alexandria, VA.  A retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army; currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Technical and Project Engineering, LLC (TAPE).
  • Joyce Johnson, Chevy Chase, MD.  A retired Rear Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service; currently practices medicine in the specialty of public health/preventive medicine, and serves as a global health/public health and management consultant.
  • Latoya Lucas, Chapel Hill, NC.  A retired U.S. Army Specialist, with combat service in Iraq; currently works as a motivational speaker.
  • Sara McVicker, Washington, DC.  A former U.S. Army Corps nurse, with service in Vietnam; currently serves on the Vietnam Veterans of America National Board of Directors.
  • Shannon McLaughlin, Sharon, MA.  A Major serving full-time in the Massachusetts National Guard, with service in Operation Enduring Freedom.
  • Delphine Metcalf-Foster, Vallejo, CA.  A retired Army First Sergeant, with service in Desert Storm/Desert Shield; currently serves as second junior vice national commander of DAV.
  • Felipe Torres, Helotes, TX.  A retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel, with combat service in Vietnam; currently serves as a leadership and security management consultant, and a women Veterans advocate.
  • Mary Westmoreland, Bronxville, NY.  A retired U.S. Army Colonel, with combat service in Desert Storm/Desert Shield; currently provides coaching and mentorship services for government and nonprofit organizations; serves as a community and Veterans issues analyst, and strategic planning organizer.