Justice Evelyn L. Stratton (Retired): Memorial Day Message – A Schoolgirl in Vietnam Appreciating The Sacrifices Of The U.S. Military


As a missionary kid growing up to Thailand and going to boarding school in South Vietnam during the war,  most of my exposure to Americans, other than the missionary parents of other kids, was the US military. We grew up with a deep appreciation of how our soldiers were trying to keep the world safe for democracy and the sacrifices that involved.

So I want to pause this weekend and thank all of those who have put their life on the line for democracy, and to keep our country safe. That includes many members of my own family, my father from World War II, and especially remembering my grandfather who gave his life during World War II for our country.

I also want to thank all of the families who welcomed home their loved ones,  who care for the wounded that return, or who mourn  those who have not  returned.  They indeed also make sacrifices for our country.

Thank you all.

Evelyn Lundberg Stratton