Return the Service Campaign Spotlights Justice For Vets

Global entertainment superstars Participant Media have teamed up with Justice For Vets to launch a sizzling public awareness campaign.

The Return the Service campaign spotlights the life-saving work of Veterans Treatment Courts and the issues facing veterans on the home front. It is designed to build awareness, engage communities, and ignite social change. This week, the campaign released two new videos that give you the tools to educate your community about the effectiveness of Veterans Treatment Courts:

Return the Service centers around the documentary film That which I Love Destroys Me which explores the experience of two soldiers  returned home after fighting in the longest combat campaign in American history only to face a new battle; the effects and stigma of PTSD and reintegration as a whole. But most importantly, the film addresses how they’re overcoming these issues. Justice For Vets will join Participant Media on a 10-city screening tour to highlight community solutions such as Veterans Treatment Court. The tour kicks off tonight in Los Angeles, CA. You can read about the tour on the Huffington Post.

Check out iTunes to download the Return the Service PSAs and to purchase That Which I Love Destroys Me. You can also click here and join over 4,700 petition signers urging the Administration to increase funding for Veterans Treatment Courts.

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