Veteran Launches Kids Book for USO

Rick Isbell Cartoon ist

My name is Rick Isbell, and I am a disabled veteran and love the arts. My goal for this book was to create something fun for kids to read with their parents who are deployed overseas. The book, titled, Blame it on the Monsters, was written and illustrated by myself. It is a fun book where there are three kids who tell a small fib and blame it on a monster. As the fib gets bigger and bigger, so do the monsters, until they dont fit into the pages at the end of the book. The book is based on some of the real fibs my kids told us over the years. It was a lot of fun to create.

The goal of this campaign is to send my book over to the military members who are deployed overseas. The USO has a great program called the Military Reading Program. This program lets a deployed Service Member read a book on camera to their child/children and then they send the DVD back home. I want to send 8-10 books to every location that the USO supports. That is a little over 100 locations for a total of 800-1000 books. I will personnal sign each book before they ship overseas.

My good friend, Major Marshall Jackson, used this program in 2010 when he was deployed to Iraq. He read one of the books and sent the book and DVD back home to his boys. After he returned home from his deployment, they read that same book again together. This is such a great program, I had to be part of it.

The book is 32 pages, full color, front and back. If you would like to preview more, you can go to my website to see more pages. I will also update how books we are up to on our Facebook page, which is

The cost to produce each book is $13. I will cover all the shipping costs overseas. This is such a great program to support our troops by doing the little things while they are deployed. I hope you consider supporting this great cause.


Editor’s Note: Rick Isbell is the Veteran’s Advocate in the office of Columbus, OHio Mayor Mike Coleman.  Rick is a very giving person and is known by virtually everyone as THE Go-To-Guy for veterans’ jobs, etc. in Central Ohio.

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