Invitation to “meet & greet” our graduating Veterans on April 16th from 4PM-6PM at Halcyon’s Dublin, Ohio office

I would like to invite you to our office in Dublin on Thur April 16th from 4PM to 6PM. We are inviting a few local employers to “meet & greet” our current class of Veterans, who would be graduating on April 10th in a combination IT course of Software Testing (SQA) and Business Analysis (BA).

The first half from 4PM-5PM involves an overview about our Veterans program, without the Veterans being present. The second half from 5PM-6PM would involve the following:

1. Employer can give an overview of what their company does to Veterans. Company brochures can be given to Veterans

2. Employer to describe briefly the major benefits and policies of their company, and type of IT jobs that are available with them

3. Testimonials from hiring managers of other local employers who have repeatedly hired our graduated Veterans in the past, and also testimonials from Veterans Alumni who got trained and got jobs in IT with our help

4. Receive resumes from Veterans and ask questions about what they have learnt from the SQA+BA course

5. Schedule technical interviews with selective Veterans at a later date

Halcyon’s Veteran’s Workforce Development Program <; is non-profit in nature to help our Veterans return to civilian lives, by providing free training in IT and help them get jobs with attractive salaries and benefits. True participation from local employers is vital for the continued success of this program, by giving them jobs.

I sincerely hope that you can attend this event. Thanks.

Mohan Viddam, Chairman & CEO

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