A Hero is Coming – Hero Havens, Deluxe Military Family Homes

Retired Ohio Army National Guard Lieutenant Colonel Mary Titus has seen first-hand the urgent need to find living quarters for military families who move frequently.

“During my 22 years in the Guard, including two tours in Iraq, I was aware of soldiers constantly moving around for promotions, jobs and next duty station, and they didn’t have any support finding a nice place to live.  Military families also often have to deal with the stress of deployment, and where they call home can make a big difference.”

This where my company takes over!  My first home is ready for a family to occupy immediately!”

Mary’s company, Hero Havens, brings older homes back to life in quaint neighborhoods and leases/sells them to active duty soldiers, reserve and national guard families at a “no profit” reduced price.

.”I give back because, while I was serving, there were people that provided much needed support to me and my family, and I remember how grateful and appreciative we were for it. I feel satisfied with knowing that I can bring that same support and peace-of-mind to another family going through what I did.”

If you know of a HERO Mary can help, please have them contact her at mary@herohavens.com or 614-517-2020